Caroleena Creecher
Rsz caroleena
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Species Praying Mantis
First Appearance "The Tell Tale Poem
Last Appearance "Night of a Thousand Legs"
Voiced by Julie Lemieux
Caroleena is a character in Growing Up Creepie. She is the matriarch of the insect family and is Creepie's foster mother. She is a praying mantis with long black hair with purplish eyeshadow.

Mike Young Productions ProfileEdit

"Picture Angelina Jolie as a praying mantis and you’re looking at Creepie’s mom. Sultry, svelte and strong, she towers over most of the bugs in the house, including Creepie’s dad. Caroleena is a loving mother but also a man-eater, literally. Caroleena has a strict policy: She rarely eats friends or family… anymore. Caroleena has ultrasound ears which allow her to hear things no one else can, especially when Creepie mutters in disagreement under her breath. And with her stealthlike abilities, you never know where she’ll spring up. She's a loving mom but runs a very strict house. Caroleena has very little trouble keeping her kids, OR her husband, in line. (“Don’t make me eat you!”) Her family knows she doesn’t mean it literally – but they’re still not taking any chances." (Source:Mike Young Productions)



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