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Creepella "Creepie" Creecher
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Species Human
First Appearance "The Tell Tale Poem"
Last Appearance "The Haunting of Tiki Lagoon"
Voiced by Athena Karkanis

Creepella "Creepie" Creecher is a goth girl who was raised by bugs in Dweezwold Mansion. She is the main character of Growing Up Creepie.


Creepie's babyhood is mostly described in "Creepie Crawling". When she was an infant, she was found at the porch of Dweezwold Mansion by the bugs that lived there. The bugs loved and cared for Creepie by feeding her, grooming her, et cetera. Her adopters, a Madagascar Praying Mantis and a Mosquito, named her Creepie and were her ultimate gaurdians. As Creepie grew older, she began to wonder why she didn't grow wings or an exoskeleton like her family.

Her mother and father knew she'd have to leave to be with her fellow humans, so they prepared her by teaching her so she can go to Middlington Middle School. Once she was ready, Creepie went to the school for the first time and met Chris Alice, who happily greeted her. While greeting Creepie, she accidentally knocked Creepie into the drinking fountain and Creepie went into the girl's room to wash up. She asked for her bug family to help her out, scaring the other girls in the room. She also met Budge.

Physical appearance Edit

Creepie is a young middle school girl (Aproximately 13 or 14 years old) with a goth sense of fashion and personality. She also has very pale skin and she speaks in a low husky voice. usually wears a black dress with pink sleeves and tights (right arm left leg have black stripes), purple lipstick and eyeshadow with large shiny eyes with pink irises. Her hair it usually multi-colored, with blue, red, orange, pink, and yellow. The pigtails She wears are rather short and the left is radioactive yellow and the other is fusia. Both hair strands on that and right side of her head are baby blue, and her back hair from her forehead down are red and orange. Though in "Attack of the Wasp Zombies", she is seen for a second with black hair.

Relationships Edit

Creepie's mom, Caroleena, is a praying mantis and her dad, Vinnie, is a mosquito. Her "brothers" Gnat and Pauly are a gnat and a pillbug.

She is mostly seen hanging out with Budge Bentley or Chris-Alice Hollyruller. She once dated Harry and thinks that the most annoying people are Melanie and Carla. The only person that knows that Creepie was raised by bugs is Budge. She has only told Budge and in one episode, she told Chris Alice.

Besides her two main friends, Creepie is buds with a goth gang, Raven, Misery and Morpheus.

She also has romantic feelings for Tarantula Boy, who was actually a boy named Skipper.

Behavior and interests Edit

Creepie is shown to be kind hearted, caring and mild-mannered, but can also be shown as sarcastic and cynical.

Creepie loves the insect world and everything about it from spiders to beetles, crickets and mosquitos, drangonflies to ladybugs, etc. Many of her classmates find her scary except for her friends Budge and Chris Alice.

Creepie is afraid of clowns and carnivorous plants in Little Greenhouse of Horrors.

Gallery Edit

Poem Edit

Mother, proud, strong, beautiful Mother
See what you want-grab it
Bite its beat off-snap in your powerful jaws
Crunching limbs, torso
Victim, helpless as its life drains

Crunching, crunching, crunching
Eyes glowing the hunger never satisfied


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