Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Frog
First Appearance "Frogenstein"
Last Appearance "Frogenstein"
Voiced by Unknown
Frogenstein used to be a regular green frog, he was one of many frogs captured and to be used for disecting assignment.

Creepie decided to set him free, but after school, she quickly found him, but the frog hopped into the middle of the street where it became roadkill, because of a passing school bus.

Creepie and Budge took him to Dweezwold Mansion to bring him back to life. But he escaped into the city where he absorb all the electricity from nearby traffic lights, businesses' electrical devices, gears, appliances, and so forth. His power absorbing ways were stop, when he returned to Dweezwold Mansion and was gobbled up by Caroleena, who returned from her excerise and was so famish that she can eat a "frog."