All The President's PestsAre You Afraid of the Moths?Attack of the Wasp Zombies
Aunt RoseBad Karma ChameleonBait and Switch
BarnaclesBite NiteBudge
Bug It OnCarlaCaroleena
Children of the Pumpkin PatchChris AliceCreep of the Crop
Creep of the DeepCreepie's Living DollCreepie Cousin
Creepie CrawlingCreepie CreecherCreepie Friday
Creepie Meets Tarantula BoyCreepie and the Candy FactoryDr. Pappas
Dweezwold MansionEpisode ListFashion Victim
Field of ScreamsFrogensteinFull Stop
GnatGoing For BrogueGoth To Have Better Friends
Growing Up CreepieGrowing Up Creepie WikiHarry
Haunting of Tiki LagoonHeadless Roach ManHome is Where the Haunt Is
I Was a Teenage WolfbugInvasion of the LocustsLegend of the Locker
Lice Lice BabyLittle Greenhouse of HorrorsMelanie
Middlington Middle SchoolMom Under GlassMrs. Monseratte
Ms. MontserratNight of A Thousand LegsNight of Fright
Nightmare on Locust LaneOn Thin IceOperation Monarch Liberation
Outta Sight Space Bowl NightPaulyRaven, Misery and Morpheus
ReginaRelationshipsRevenge of the Water Bug
Roache MotelRockabye FreakieRules and Guidelines
Samantha LombardiScorpiophobiaShutterbug
Tarantula BoyThe Case of the Mysterious MothThe Final Curtain
The Ice Bug ComethThe Mummy's CurseThe Return of Tarantula Boy
The RoachesThe Scared Twitch ProjectThe Tell-Tale Poem
Tiki ChaletToxic Mutant MillipedeVillains
VinnieWanna BeeWax Attacks
Yellow Jacket Racket
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File:Growing-Up-Creepie-title-card-9150x150.pngFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 10 - Creepie's Living Doll Operation Monarch FreedomFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 11 - Bait & Switch Shutterbug
File:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 12 - Bad Karma Chameleon Home Is Where the Haunt IsFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 13 - Creepie Friday The Final CurtainFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 14 - Miami Lice Scorpophobia
File:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 15 - Creepie and the Candy Factory The Ice Bug ComethFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 16 - Are You Afraid of the Moths? Revenge of the Water BugFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 17 - I Was a Teenage Wolfbug Outta Sight Space Bowl Night
File:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 18 - Nightmare On Locust Lane The Mummy's CurseFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 19 - On Thin Ice Toxic Mutant MillipedeFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 1 - The Tell Tale Poem
File:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 1 - The Tell Tale Poem Creepie Meets Tarantula BoyFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 20 - Rockabye Freakie Creep of the DeepFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 21 - Going for Brogue Yellow Jacket Racket
File:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 22 - The Return of Tarantula Boy All the President's PestsFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 23 - Creep of the Crop Creepy CousinFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 24 - Creepie Crawling Fashion Victim
File:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 25 - Wanna Bee The Haunting of Tiki LagoonFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 26 - Children of the Pumpkin Patch Night of a Thousand LegsFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 2 - The Scared Twitch Project Frogenstein
File:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 3 - Bite Nite Nite of FrightFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 4 - Bug It On! The Case of the Mysterious MothFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 5 - Attack of the Wasp Zombies Legend of the Locker
File:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 6 - Roaché Motel Little Greenhouse of HorrorsFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 7 - Field of Screams Mom Under GlassFile:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 8 - Goth to have Better Friends Wax Attacks
File:Growing Up Creepie - S1 Ep 9 - Headless Roach Man Invasion of the LocustsFile:Growing Up Creepie title card 12 - Roache Motel.pngFile:Harry-3150x150.png
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