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Melanie Melisma
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Species Human
First Appearance "The Scared Twitch Project"
Last Appearance "The Haunting of Tiki Lagoon"
Voiced by Athena Karkanis


Melanie, like Carla, is also a popular girl. She hangs out with Carla often which could mean that they are best friends but she sometimes comes off as Carla's "yes man" and easily started following the new girl Regina in Wanna Bee because she became most popular. They both have a crush on Harry but Melanie seems willing to let Carla have "first dibs" as it were. In Wax Attack, Melanie and Carla were waxed by a wax beetle and at the end, she had a wacky hairdo. She is not very intelligent and is portrayed as the stereotypical air-headed blonde who only follows whats most trendy and popular.


She has long blonde hair with an orange shirt.

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