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Air date 10/27/2007
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Children of the Pumpkin Patch
Lice Lice Baby
Night of a thousand Legs from Growing up Creepie.


It's Halloween and Creepie wants to go trick or treating with her friends. Her parents agree to let her go and decide to give out treats as well, although...their definition of "Treat" is different from a humans. Aunt Rose, who is a giant Spider, over hears and wants to go trick or treating too. Creepie turned her down gently, telling her that Humans are not ready for yet.

After this, Creepie's brothers, Gnat and Pauly go into the basement to make costumes. Both are ghosts. They left, leaving the outside basement door open and Aunt Rose was free to roam the night.

Meanwhile, Budge waited for Creepie to come into the living room so they can go. He did not notice she was a "Karate Master" for a costume until she points it out. Himself being a mad scientist. They leave, quickly noticing that the basement door to the outside is open and Aunt Rose has escaped. Being a giant Tarantula, she is frighting. But, she ends up accompanying Creepie's friend, Chris-Alice, for her Trick or Treating. They get a lot of candy. Gnat and Pauly on the other hand...they get into a bit of trouble they try to solve them self.

Creepie's parents are not very successful with their "treats" and end up scaring a way all of the kids. As this happens, Creepie and Budge search of Aunt Rose. They end up capturing their principle and get into trouble.

In the end, Aunt Rose ends up surprising Chris- Alice's parents at her house.




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Night of the Living Dead: Title based on a zombie movie directed by George Romero.