Raven, Misery, and Morpheus
Rsz raven misery and morpheus
Vital statistics
Gender Female, Male, and Male
Species Human
First Appearance Goth To Have Better Friends
Last Appearance Going for Brogue
Voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills, David Berni, and Richard Yearwood

They are some of Creepie ' s other friends. They have only been seen in a few of the shows.Raven, Misery, and Morpheus (Voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills, David Berni, and Richard Yearwood

Raven and friendsEdit

They are a bunch of Goths that are actually creepier than Creepie. When Creepie thought Budge Bentley was being a jerk, she decided to make friends with them. Their main obsession is with the goth band "the Roaches " creepie confused them with real roaches and freaked them out.

Plaid VaporsEdit

They later started there own band called “Plaid Vapors,“ were Creepie ended up starring as the bagpipe soloist because they thought the bagpipes were haunted. After that she got obsessed with the Scottish culture. 

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