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Yellow Jacket Racket
All The President's Pests


Skipper (AKA Tarantula Boy ) from episode 2, is back with a movie about him, and invites Creepie to the first screening.

Getting two tickets, Creepie invites Chris Alice to come along too.

After the movie Skipper asks Creepie to show him around town.

While on their date Dr. Pierce tries and fails to capture Tarantula boy, finally stopping him and Creepie in an alley-way.

After calling for his mother, who wraps Dr. Pierce in a silk cocoon and throwing him in a dumpster, Skipper tells Creepie he was raised by a spider and asks if it seemed weird.

Saying "Not to me." Creepie then invites Skipper and his mum to her house to meet her family where it turns out their mothers know each other.